Content Update

Pricing Plan

WordPress Content

Content Update

RM 150/month
  • Article Update or
  • eCommerce Product
  • Maximum 4 update per calendar month
  • Article, Image, Banner and Poster to be provided by website owner

Combo Package

RM 200/month

WordPress Maintenance


Content Update

  • Article Update or
  • eCommerce Product

Add On Available

  • SEO Monitor
  • Link Monitor
Limitation for eCommerce

Content Update package for eCommerce is limited to 50 product per update only. Max 4 updates in a calendar month

Limitation for Article Update

Article Update is not content writing. We will only update your site with article, image or banner that you provided. If no format is specified, we will update them according to the site’s existing format.

What is Combo Package?

Combo package is where we will both monitor and update your website content.

I have HTML Website

HTML website can only subscribe to Content Update package only.

25% discount on Combo Package’s renewal price for website created and hosted by us. Terms & Conditions applied